Rat Bastards of 2nd Street Distilling Co.


--------Welcome To the Celebrated Rat Bastard Spirits Club---------

      15% Discount on all Spirits   /  Your Choice of Rat Bastard Ball Cap or T-Shirt.

           Three 750ml of 2nd Street Spirits Shipped Quarterly of Distillers Choice.

                                   Invitation to Private Distillery Social Events.

                                       First in line for newly Released Products.

                     No Tasting Fees for you and your friends that accompany you.

Happening With The Rat Bastards'



You will be issued your Official Rat Bastard Membership Card when you join.  This card will give you all the privliges of a Real Rat Bastard !!

Original Rat Bastards


Four of the five original Rat Bastards.  Matt, Phil , John, Scott and Tim.

Quality Products


With our stills', we are focused on providing You, the Club Member and our Customers with a Quality Product and a lot of Seasonal variety.