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RJ Callaghan Single Malt

Developed by our Senior Distiller, this Whiskey was made with drinking Neat or On-The-Rocks in mind. After years of practice, we got it just right using Washington Barley and Cascade spring water.  However, it didn't end there, we also created just the right blend during ageing with American & Hungarian Charred Oak to create the smoothest Whiskey we believe you will have the pleasure of indulging. 

Reser's Rye

This sipping Whiskey has been created in honor of one of our company founders family,Senator William P. Reser, Washington State's first Senator in 1889.  Senator Reser Settled in Walla Walla in 1865.

2nd Street Distilling Rye Whiskey is made with 100% Washington Rye Grain.  We distill it twice to create that smooth character it has and then rest it in American Oak until its perfectly aged to absolute perfection.

PV Schiro Apple Whiskey (Arriving Soon)


Silver Horse

While gallivanting around Europe in the early years, we stumbled upon a recipe for Gin in an old book from the 1750s.  It was described as "Fine Gin" and was for Royalty only.  We gave it a try and added our own style, it turned out to be a very soft sipping Gin that I'm sure your going to love.

Distilled four times using Washington Grapes and seven herbs and spices from five continents makes this a must have in your collection.

Barrel Finished

We've taken our Fine Gin and decided to add a twist to your sipping experience.  We introduce the Gin to Charred American Oak until it reaches a point in its life the Juniper berries take on an Smokey nose and a very vibrant visual golden clarity.  Once again, this is perfect for sipping or using in your favorite mixed Gin cocktail. 


Honey Rose

Bronze Award Winning Liqueur in 2015 SIP National Competition and Bronze in 2017 Seattle International Spirits Competition.  

This is our own creation that starts with Red Grapes that is distilled into a brandy.  We then take that Brandy and slowly age it with Brazilian Wild Flower Honey and Washington Rosemary.

Honey Rose makes a perfect after dinner drink for that perfect occasion or just for your quiet time pleasure.


Cowboy Whiskey Liqueur will whisk you away to times of warm campfires with friends you remember so well.

With a pleasant and dramatic warmth that radiates an overwhelming earthy tone and a perfect balance of sweet and rustic.

From us... our best blend of Whiskey and Liqueur for you and friends.

Banana (seasonal)

Just for fun, 2nd Street Distilling decided it was time for something tropical from Washington State.  We infuse all natural banana that definitely creates an overwhelmingly flavorous nose and a delicious sweet palate. 


2nd Street

Crafted from Washington Columbia Valley Grapes, Distilled three times and then it exits our still at 192 proof.  We then gently re-proof it to a smooth sipping 80 proof using Cascade Spring Water.

Great for use in your favorite cocktail mix, or just perfect on-the-rocks and neat.


OK, who likes Mojito'?  2nd Street Cucumber Vodka makes the ultimate Mojito cocktail for that great summertime or anytime fun.  The Cucumber Vodka is infused with natural farm fresh cucumbers in small batches. You can also use this to double up on your Bloody Mary cocktail with the Pepper & Garlic Vodka. 

Pepper & Garlic

This Vodka is Fantastic for Bloody Mary's that are loaded or just simple.    Also, many of our Customers use it in the kitchen for a very vibrant gourmet experience. 

We begin with our straight Vodka and infuse it with Jalapeno Peppers and just the right amount of Garlic. You get delicious bite in the beginning, then your palate is coated by the Garlic leaving a very pleasant feeling and vibrant taste in the end.

Rat Bastard

Having Fun...

Somtimes, Craft Distillers like to have fun with the product...  Join in with us!


The Best Traditional Vodka we produce for all your favorite mixed drinks.  Smoother than most but still has that bite you expect from your Vodka.  

Bottled at 80 proof, the aroma is medium intensity with slight notes of fruit since it's distilled from Washington grapes.  The taste is Warm, Smooth body with medium finish and simple complexity.


Our Customers wanted it, so we complied!  100% Juniper Gin in its truest form since its inception 400 years ago.  This is for the committed, solid Gin connoisseur.  Bottled at 80 proof with the aroma at strong intensity with solid juniper nose and a taste with smooth full bodied  juniper and long finish.