Ox & Cart

The Ox & Cart is a local ranch and farm focused restaurant in the heart of downtown Walla Walla. The menu showcases regionally grown and harvested specialties ranging from organically raised, in-house aged meats to fresh, seasonal produce. Focusing on ingredients sourced from the small, independent farms and ranches in and around the Walla Walla Valley, our chefs are able to highlight the tastes of the seasons and fresh flavors that only eating locally can provide. Utilizing these high quality and vibrant ingredients allows our chefs to pay homage to modern American flavors from an area that is rich in agricultural history.  (509) 525-9952 ,  7 1/2 S. First Ave, Walla Walla, Wa 99362,  Website

The Wine

The Ox & Cart melds Walla Walla’s traditional farm community resources with the regions grape growing and winemaking acclaim by offering a thoughtfully crafted wine cellar. The hand selected wine list demonstrates and showcases the perfect reflection of our terroir focused restaurant. We strive to honor the food and drink that represent this sense of place, to offer a taste of what Walla Walla, the farms, the ranches, the vineyards, and the winemaking are truly about. 


Whitehouse-Crawford Restaurant

The grand old Whitehouse-Crawford building offers a variety of dining experiences. Seated at the chef's counter you watch, visit with the cooks, observe how the brick oven is used, and even feel its warmth. Dining in the gracious dining room you can look into the Barrel Room of Seven Hills Winery or enjoy the fireplace area. The Private Dining Room is available for special occasions. It is also used on very busy evenings.  509-525-2222,   55 West Cherry Street Walla Walla, WA 99362  Website

The Food

Using classic techniques the food at the Whitehouse-Crawford is prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients from farmers we know. Our menu features a changing variety of tastes.Guests choose from full plate entrees and small plate starters. There is an assortment of salads and desserts including house-made ice cream. The six-course tasting menu, with or without wine pairings, is a favorite as is the house made pasta. The bar menu offers smaller plates, flatbreads, and burgers.The menu changes with the seasons and availability. 


The Red Monkey

At Red Monkey of Walla Walla, WA, we want you feel welcomed the minute you walk through the door. Our staff is friendly and energetic and will work to make your experience a pleasant one.Whether you're hanging out with friends or dining out with the family, Red Monkey Walla Walla, wants you to sit back, relax, and enjoy a great meal!

Red Monkey, has a menu that everyone will love - and the perfect drink to complement your meal!We encourage you to look through our food and drink menus to find something you'll love! 

Forgot to update your fantasy team? Need to Instagram the perfect pic of your food? Join our high-speed Wi-Fi connection - for FREE!Social media is a big part of everyday life and we want you to be able to stay connected when you dine with us.  Call us if you'd like to make a reservation.  

We have shuffleboards and more TVs than any other bar in town - so come out and watch the Seahawks, Sounders, Timbers, and Trail Blazers.Red Monkey Walla Walla has the Pac 12 Network for all of your football needs.   509-522-3865 ,  25 W Alder St, Walla Walla, WA 99362  Website


La Ramada Mexican Restaurant

 When you're looking for a family restaurant which serves real homemade food and authentic Mexican cuisine, look no further than La Ramada Mexican Family Restaurant in Walla Walla, WA! We aren't just your average taco restaurant or burrito restaurant, we serve only the finest in real Mexican dining, prepared fresh for you and your family. We offer a fine selection of gourmet appetizers and entrees, including a wide variety of seafood! If you're looking for an authentic Mexican restaurant with a family-oriented environment and outstanding food, please stop by La Ramada Mexican Family Restaurant in Walla Walla today!Some of our specialties include:

  • Mexican Grill
  • Taco Tuesday
  • Happy Hour
  • Local Wines & Spirits

La Ramada Mexican Family Restaurant is a family-owned business with a highly-experienced staff, and provide only the finest in customer service. We pride our establishment for having a family-oriented environment, where we take care of our guests with a most friendly and professional demeanor. To experience authentic Mexican cuisine at an inviting family restaurant, please stop by La Ramada Mexican Family Restaurant today!    (509) 525-5555,  1708 Isaacs Ave, Walla Walla, Washington 99362.  Website


Maple Counter

The Maple Counter Cafe brings to the table three generations of restaurant excellence and expertise. Beginning with my grandparents’ restaurant in Chicago over 35 years ago, the artful skill of handcrafting breakfasts and lunches has become a family tradition.  Drawing heavily from the inspiration of my parents’ restaurant, The Oak Table Cafe in Sequim, WA, my wife Rachel and I proudly carry the flag of a family passion. In our quest to create a business which smiles on the world, we maintain that there is no substitute for quality.  At the Maple Counter Cafe, great pride is taken in creating a memorable experience, with close attention paid to the food, and especially to the customer.  Chefs at the Maple Counter Cafe understand that preparing good food takes time and special care, so we start at dawn every day making numerous batters from authentic, coveted recipes that hold true to our vision of a memorable meal.  Our batters are not from packaged mixes ­— all are carefully blended by hand using fresh, ingredients, such as unbleached hard wheat flour, fresh eggs, and real cream. Another important aspect of our batters comes from our sourdough barrel.  This old-fashioned process of nurturing yeast has been handed down from generation to generation, and is what makes our pancakes light and fine textured.  All of our syrups and toppings for our pancakes, crepes, and omelets are delicately prepared from scratch-recipes.Nothing can replace fresh products for food value or taste. The butter used in our restaurant is above USDA 93 score, of the finest available.  By rendering out the impurities (salts and solids), we are left with the pure “golden oil” which we use to baste eggs and cook other special dishes. Our whipped butter is simply that – nothing more, nothing less.  We have chosen a special blend of coffee to complement your meal, and we serve it with real whipping cream. Our lemonade, orange, and grapefruit juices are freshly squeezed in our kitchen every day.  The use of locally sourced ingredients is a priority at The Maple Counter Cafe, better serving you and our great community.  By incorporating items such as locally baked breads, fresh produce from nearby farms, and quality meats from around the Walla Walla area, we are ensuring a freshness you can taste.  We at the Maple Counter Cafe thank you for your patronage and invite you to relax, enjoy your meal, and feel free to comment on the service and quality of your order. When you’re dining with us, you’re family.  We love our customers.  You’re the reason we’re here!Kory and Rachel Nagler, Owners